The weed guy came through and now everyone is smoking weed…and I can’t be around them because my hair will just soak up the smell

- I can cook
- I can clean
- I’m in college full time (and on the Dean’s List)
- I take care of myself
- I’m easy to get along with
- if you ever need your oil changed or tires rotated, I can do that
- and I’m only 18?
- oh, and I’m sort of cute

Excuse this rant.

Bill is so fucking annoying and he irritates me but I like him. I’ve known him since I started my senior year and I had a lil thang for him but not enough to act upon…until now. Like, this nigga thinks I’m cute still when my hair is crazy as hell and my face is makeup-less. I’m just so confused with this guy. He is such a freak, got hoes, errythang. Me, on the other hand, it takes a while for the freak to come out but like damn I’m just having issues with him. Why couldn’t I just be back in high school again like I don’t even know this guy confuses me 😭

I have a hickie I have to hide from mom but it’s so…purple, dark, and obvious on my skin. Ugh. Stupid Billy.

I just got the Galaxy S4 but they have the Galaxy S5 now…

Don’t mind my extreme lack of posts. I’m “reinventing” my blog to make it more personal.

How I feel about my tumblr pro hat:

there are some days i want to turn into a nsfw blog tbh but then i think that’s too much work and i have a 6 page paper due on tuesday that i really need to stop procrastinating on omg

I love seeing Texas plates up here

Especially when they have Fort Hood stickers on them! I see the old plates, the sorta old colorful plates, and the new black and white plates. I sure do miss the old plates. My mom still has hers on the front of the car.

All I have is a metal emblem on the back of my Jeep. I don’t think that’s enough seeing it’s the same size of my phone